Synopsis Of A 6 month Post Project Interview With Ingenuity After Designs For Dignity Assisted Them With A Quick Move

By: Valeria Degutis

Ingenuity was in the process of a move into the building managed by the same company as Designs for Dignity. The Ingenuity team knew what they needed for their new space but they had no idea how to acquire it. They were put in touch with us by our great building managers Urban Innovations. With no starting point and a short amount of time, Ingenuity was referred to D4D. Without any expectations, they hesitantly sent out an SOS to the D4D office. AmySue, the Director of Public Affairs for Ingenuity, had little expectations from Designs for Dignity as she didn’t even expect a reply, but they were pleasantly surprised by the D4D team.

Designs for Dignity swooped in and took a look at the new space to see what they could do. D4D provided Ingenuity with a paint plan, donated furniture and suggested layouts for a more productive, collaborative, translational and flexible space. D4D also offered them some convenient solutions with their vendors, creating trust between the two organizations. It was clear that those going through this moving process were touched by the simple reassurance and confidence D4D was able to provide.

The new space is a beautiful, professional environment for people who work with the arts educators of our Chicago Public School system to promote art and culture with the resources that this city has to offer. The team members described the space as more comfortable for conversations and more flexible for collaboration. The space has multiple group areas for meetings in formal and informal settings with brainstorm friendly spaces and quick meeting spots. The layout of the space has good flow and creates a better sense of community within the organization by having more group friendly spaces and open areas. There is a new heightened respect for their space and people are excited to come to work everyday, one staff member mentioned he even likes to come in on the weekends.

“We’re more productive because we have those opportunities for collaboration.” – Ingenuity Staff Member

“I would guarantee you that without the support from Designs for Dignity we would not be nearly as comfortable as we are in those conversations spaces.” – Ingenuity Staff Member

“Our interns are now able to feel more a part of this space and work collaboratively with us as an organization.” – Ingenuity Staff Member

“It provides the exact space that we needed.” – Ingenuity Staff Member

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